Smart NFC

Field process, tracking, smart asset management, safety and security solutions based on NFC tags

What’s this? It’s a multimedia content management suite based on NFC, It swaps contents bidirectionally with mobile NFC, it greatly supports the management and control of field activities;
Why? It leverages the “proof of presence” capabilities of the NFC protocol, it provides a formal certification (log book)of field activities (who; when; where; on which business assets a given activity has been carried out);
When it’s useful? The solution is designed for dockyard and field activities and provides information and multimedia contents (such as manuals and business procedures) to users with a strict central control;
How does it work: The solution works by simply approaching the NFC mobile device to the appropriate tag applied at known positions on the field to systems, facilities, machinery, equipment, premises, etc. The solution is extremely flexible and adaptable to the operational procedures of the customer, with very short implementation times and autonomy in updating procedures by the Customer autonomously.

- Formal certification of activities done (e.g. cleaning, maintenance…);
- Support to maintenance activities and asset management on plant, dockyard, construction yards;
- Support to installation activities and configuration activities on equipment;
- Access control to restricted areas;
- Mandatory training for end users;