The internet of things

Lokit is a switch of remote Bluetooth Low Energy signals. It is easy to install and it is compatible with most of the already existing automatisms to access to homes, shops and buildings in general.

All devices manned by Lokit can be easily remote-controlled with a downloadable application on your smartphone (iOS or Android) and through which it is possible to operate Home & Building Automation and Access Control systems.

Lokit integrates a Bluetooth Low Energy chip which makes it usable as a beacon and, therefore, it can be integrated in all the contexts where innovative services, such as proximity marketing and indoor navigation, are requested.

Lokit allows to control all home appliances through a smartphone without buying expensive units. With a smartphone you can easily turn on or off lights, fans, electric blinds and many other appliances. Your smartphone can become a universal remote control through the power of the BLE. Lokit can be installed on existing electrical systems transforming an ordinary house in a domotic home.
Home access control
You can never find the house keys? With Lokit is no longer a problem. Currently available with an App for Android and iOS smartphones, Lokit allows you to configure the activation command of opening and closing with a simple touch on the screen. Easy and intuitive can be configured to meet individual requirements.
Parking lots
Lokit allows you to manage any industrial automation using a smartphone with bluetooth connectivity. You can use it as a gate opener of a communal garage, a multi-storey car park or restricted areas through a platform of authorized access configurable and manageable by a single administrator. Approach the gate, with the phone turned on, to open it in a simple and immediate way.
Proximity marketing
Most of people hold their phone in hand even while shopping. Lokit integrates a BLE chip which makes it usable as a beacon for proximity marketing activities. It means display on a smartphone special deals, send discount coupons, provide tips on what to buy when you are approaching a shop. The advantage is to reach customers with a customized offer as soon as they are ready to a purchase.