The new queue management system

Turnix® is a multimedia queue system that supports a large number of services and can integrate with: digital signage, videos (.avi, .mpeg, etc.), web pages, TV Programs. Turnix® was also designed to be inserted in small structures, because it is a low-cost system, it can be totally wireless and it can be automatically updated with a remote connection. Turnix® has a voice call to the advancement of the turn and call these messages are generated automatically from the text, thanks to a conversion program text-to-speach that comes with the unit. Editing posts in a post-installation step can be done in a few simple steps, in fact just create new audio files, copy them to a USB stick and the subsequent re-start Turnix® automatically update call messages. Turnix® is a queue management system based on:

- TURNIX® CONTROLLER, a management and display unit that can be installed directly behind a multimedia monitor or a LCD TV (VGA or HDMI)
- T-TICKET CONSOLE, a ticket dispenser machine that operates in stand-alone mode (Basic version) or connected to the Turnix® Controller (PRO version)
- RADIO CONTROL with display of two VT3 scripts for queue advancement

The Controller is provided ready to use with customizable messages. It is also available T-Config optional software to modify the configuration in a simple and practicable way, even for a non technical end user. The BASIC version manages easy queues, where each counter works autonomously on a single queue, such as supermarket lines. Conversely, the PRO version is capable of managing more advanced services modalities, with queue reservation, variable priority services, queue services assignment to every single desk, etc. It is possible to request other optional data display: users in queue for service and average waiting time for service.

T-CONFIG (Optional software)
This optional software allows the customization of queuing system regarding:
- Number of queues/services
- Identification signs
- Voice messages in the selected language(*)
- Multimedia contents (video files, presentations, web pages)
- Multimedia presentations
- Web pages to be displayed
T-CONFIG runs on any Windows PC and generates files that can be transferred to the Turnix® system by a USB drive or via network connection.

(*)Windows includes basic items in English. Quality messages are available from third sources also in various languages.

T-MONITOR UNIT (Optional software)
T-MONITOR software shows in real time the status of reservations of Turnix® services.
The unit shows, for each service, the current turn number, the number of the last ticket issued, the amount of customers in queue.
You can also reset the number of tickets/turn. Requirement: Turnix® system connected to a network facility (APP).

CONSOLE T-TICKET (Ticket machine)
The CONSOLE T-TICKET is a multi service ticket distributor available in Basic version (stand alone, independent of the Turnix® Controller) or Pro version (connected to the controller). Common features:

- Graphical user interface with 10’’ touch screen
- Up to 8 services available
- Customizable ticket layout
- Time services on daily or weekly basis

The new queue management system
TURNIX®, the new queue management system.
- Wireless queue management systems
- Wireless remote controls with display
- Desk and number voice announcement
- Apps for customer’s remote booking (smartphones, tablets, pc)
- Personalized user interface