Simplify your city

Build the future of your city with us
Arkys strongly believes to the contribution that technology can bring to the management and administration of a city.
Because of this it proposes innovative solutions in order to make the city smarter, environmentally aware and economically more sustainable. Thanks to several projects, such as eLumia, municipalities are able to better manage public lighting costs, and ensuring security and energy saving at the same time.

Technology can not exist without security, though. That’s why Arkys proposes informative systems, video surveillance and alert systems in order to ensure to the citizen the use of services in the most safely way.

Smart Cities

eLumia: is a smart lighting solution that regulates the level of public lighting dynamically and ahead of transit, according to the pedestrians and actual traffic need. eLumia provides the cities with smart and innovative services such as Wi-Fi Hotspots, Variable Message Signs, Video Surveillance Systems, environmental and traffic sensors and more, definitely enhancing the quality of life while respecting the environment.

The modular management platform for the control of municipal grants with RFID technology. Every Municipality can choose and activate Traffid modules in its subscription, manage municipal grants with anti-forgery microchips and perform real time street supervision with smartphone and tablet.

Public Alert System
A digital alerting system used to inform citizens about environmental risks. It’s an audio diffusion, text message, Variable Message Signs infrastructure installed on strategic positions in order to cover the entire target area.

Smart Building
Increase your quality of life with green and smart building. The ICT platforms allow remote management of infrastructures thanks to the building automation, allowing a real-time monitoring system and efficient resource management. With smart buildings, the whole city becomes smart!

A smart eye on the city for the prevention and repression of illegal activities and the protection of public property. City videosurveillance systems grant a better urban security and a better municipality area supervision, with a special eye to the critical areas such as squares, parks, peripheral areas.