Simplify your network

Choose the network that best suits your needs and improve your Internet connection
In the era of convergence of services on the IP world and the Internet of Things, where more and more devices and objects are connected, the need for a fast, reliable and efficient network has become mandatory for companies, firms and Public Administrations. Arkys provides the knowledge to design, implement, maintain and evolve the networks of your needs, from a small company network up to the metropolitan and wide area networks, using the fastest and most reliable transmission technologies known today, such as optical fiber, wireless and copper.

LAN, MAN and Campus

Networking solutions for all your needs! From the best office network (LAN) to the ideal Campus network, from the Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) designed for cities, to the big geographical networks (WAN).


Less Cables, more mobility inside your office. A reliable Wi-Fi network with a fast internet connection and a wide coverage facilitates the mobility, the access to data in a secure way and in line with your needs. You can create Hot-Spot zones or an Ad-Hoc network with no need for cables, taking advantage of Hiperlan Technology.

System Cabling

Slow internet connection? It can be due to a lack on your office cabling! You can simplify the infrastructure complexity with the design and the creation of copper, optical fiber or wireless structured cabling.

Optical Networks

Connections every day faster and more reliable! Optical fiber networks allow the creation of broadband connections, in every length and complexity, assuring great network performances in every point of your office.