Simplify your office

Connect people and information to improve your productivity
Today, the notion of “work” is very different from even just a few years ago. “Going to work” doesn’t mean anymore being at a particular location, getting face time, chatting up with co-workers and being “in the office.” It is more about getting things done, servicing clients, completing projects, managing co-workers, etc., whether you’re in or outside the office. That doesn’t mean that the office will die, though.

“Offices will become places of collaboration and connection because culturally we need touch points, since we are social animals”

Companies needs to adapt their workplace technology to the changing world around them. This means opening the flow of information between people and systems, supporting employees where they contribute the most, eliminating barriers to productivity.

Smart Workplace
Collaboration, Unified Communication, VoIP: All you need to communicate, telephony, e-mail, fax, conferencing and instant messaging in a single solution. Send a message or call your colleagues, see if he is present, receive calls outside the office and more. Use any device in any place to empower employee and customers to communicate via telephone, e-mail, conferencing, instant messaging and web conferencing.

Thanks to VoIP Telephony, phones send and receive calls using only the data connection, with less costs compared with traditional telephone system and with advanced functionalities IPTV, Video Calls, and Conference: How to cost-effective communicate with your own colleagues? Video Calls and video conference optimize company processes increasing employees collaboration and productiveness. Video Calls and Video Conference are the ideal solution to get in touch with your colleagues and customers to get better performances and guarantee efficiency and comfort.

Say goodbye to antenna TV cables, new digital TVs use your LAN network. IPTV system transforms every TV, Monitor, PC, tablet or smartphone in real-time content device, on-demand video and customized content. The ideal TV for hotels, resorts, congress areas, stadiums, hospitals and more. Digital Signage: The right message at the right time! with digital signage you can promote and explain your business, reaching your customers in a focused and charming way. The customization and configuration of contents, sometimes interactive, helps people involvement and addresses advertisement content in a more effective way.