Simplify your business

An ‘Evolutionary’ company!
Arkys is a valuable certified partner supported by the best Vendors, an innovative company specialized in the integration of advanced ICT systems. Our mission is to create value in Companies and Public Administrations through new technologies. Arkys takes care of the details of its own customers and their projects. Thanks to a constant commitment to education and research and to an approach doomed to ease of use, effectiveness and quality, Arkys customizes each solution to allow customers to manage the complexity and simplify innovation according to their specific needs.

Consultancy and Project Management
Arkys boasts achievements of extraordinary importance, performed with proven success also on areas of great size and complexity. This is possible thanks to a focused approach on the real customer needs during the design phase, performed through the use of professional expertise and mastery of specific know-how.

ICT Training
Arkys organizes training of basic and advanced networking and network security courses. On request, we arrange personalized training courses on the topics of specific interest for the customer, offering opportunities for professional growth to contribute to the development of ICT skills inside the companies.

Security Assessment & Customer Care
Arkys offers an innovative program of technical assistance that supports the customer in the management and maintenance of its technological solutions through a qualified.

Help Desk service
Arkys identifies your control systems vulnerabilities analysing the IT security level of your company network. It’s important to be protected in order to take the appropriate precautions.

Network Monitoring
Arkys monitors every customer network to guarantee the correct operation of IT systems, to prevent interruptions and to avoid failures. Network infrastructures are then optimized in availability, speed and use, in order to get the most from your resources.