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Today everything is becoming digital. Digital Transformation is changing the way we communicate and we do business, even the relationship with citizens. Technology enables Digital Transformation: there is no innovation without an accurate knowledge of technologies and the context in which they have to work.

Cleverlab offers enhanced solutions tailored to your needs: we are the ideal partner for the selection, supply and integration of the best products and technologies for specialized areas that need excellence and high-level skills.

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Security as the foundation for Digital Transformation

Information, data, documents, everything must be accessible online.
Access to information on the Internet must be protected with stateof the art technology, in order to stop attacks - by individualsand organizations - that are increasingly getting stronger.

Cleverlab offers the first and most performing integrated Identityand Digital Signature system, compliant with the European regulation eIDAS (currently the most advanced legislation in force in the world).

Technologies and expertise for enterprise: Oil & Gas, Construction, Naval and Mass Transportation

In some specialized areas, experience and expertise gained on the field are crucial to success.
Naval, Oil & Gas, Constructionand Mass Transportation are industries that need very vertical products with a limited diffusion, carried out by specialized companies not always able to combine technical abilities to market coverage.

Cleverlab answers to this problem by offering a complete catalogue of solutions for Telecommunication, Security, Computingand application platforms combined with first-class references,in order to guarantee technical, logistics and integration skills.

Solutions for Big Events and Smart Cities

EXPO2020 will be a unique opportunity to demonstrate Dubai’s organizational and technological capabilities.
The opportunity of success comes from the experience of Italian EXPO2015, and the possibility to learn and overcome its shortcomings.
Cleverlab is bringing its know-how from EXPO2015, adding smart solutions such as a queue management technology to offer visitors the opportunity of a unique and unforgettable experience.
EXPO2020 is the chance to show the most advanced modelof future city, where people, things and processes interact to communicate, and the usability of the urban environment increases.
Cleverlab is readyfor this challenge: we offer the most innovative smart city solutions, constantly updated with the best Italian R&D.

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