In a globalized and highly competitive economic system, the information is a key asset for our country and for companies that want to compete effectively in the markets, either domestic or international. BV TECH has developed the right skills to support data and information protection, with particular reference to security, critical infrastructure and the cyberspace of Companies and our Country.

The offer is spread from hardware and software solutions design and implementation to the provision of services in security and intelligence areas. BV TECH is a Charter Member of “Interdisciplinary Consortium for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity” established by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Sloan School Management.

BV TECH professionals are able to define the necessary requirements for security systems and also to design the most adequate technological/operational solutions, based on context, security needs and the state of the art of the technology. Main activities are related to: Security Infrastructures, Law Enforcement solutions, Risk Management and Security Governance, Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC), Enterprise Security Solutions, Vulnerability assessments, Penetration Test, Spear phishing, Fraud Investigation.

BV TECH skills cover the needs of: Understanding and formulating security requirements for a specific scenario, Having an overview of the main technologies in security and crisis management areas, Identifying the cyber threat, Collecting data using the “information gathering” techniques, Having tools for profiling and gathering, Carrying out activities about: Incident Handling, computer investigations and forensics digital analysis, Deep Web Intelligence, Recognizing the alternatives attack strategies, Identifying attacks on web applications, Interfacing with technology and system security suppliers and/or several end-user in order to understand the characteristics and potential security supply/demand.

BV TECH provides complete solutions for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) on the data available from the Network (surface, deep, dark), based on innovative technologies and models for the collection, processing, integration, evaluation and analysis of Big Date.